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Dave Roberts 

Dave Roberts, Ph.D.

The Program


You obviously have an interest in developing a professional speaking voice and style or you would not be on this page. As a voice instructor, I am limited in my ability to predict your success as a professional voice artist or voice actor. My responsibility to you is to give you my best assessment of your potential to achieve your stated goals. If I do not believe I can get you to where you need to be to compete in the marketplace, I will let you know immediately. I will design a program specifically for your needs, following this basic outline—



I. Voice & Diction

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

  • Resonances

  • Pronunciation, articulation

  • Diagnostics and exercises (ongoing)

II. Copy

  • Styles of Delivery

  • Copy interpretation and Mark-up

  • Radio & TV Spots, Industrial Narration (slide shows, video, etc.), Instructional, Video Post, Imaging, Event Announcements, Web/Podcasts, etc.


III. The Studio Session

  • Studio etiquette and procedures

  • Audition

  • Terminology

  • Warming up

  • Types of Microphones and Mic Techniques

  • How processing affects your voice

IV. Ongoing copy reads, practice, recordings, etc.

  • Throughout this entire process—

    • Gather copy from various sources

    • Mark-up

    • Provide at least 3 different reads to  each spot

    • Critique, coaching, new exercises if needed

  • Home studio or home recording device

V. Marketing

  • Web site

  • Demo

  • "Pay to Play" sites

  • Sources of work





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  • Voiceover training
  • Talent critique & development
  • Demo Production
  • Workshops
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